Cardinal Coupe

Inspired by iconic sports cars of the 60s the Cardinal incorporates classic styling, light weight design, formula car type Pull-Rod suspension and a modern powertrain to provide an exceptional value in performance, servicebility and style. 

Length: 156”
Width: 68”
Wheelbase: 92”
Height: 46”
Curb Weight: 1750 Ibs
Suspension: Double A-Arm Pull-Road
Power: 300 HP / 320 TQ
Driveline: Front-Engine – Rear Drive
Seating: 2

Starting from $49,999

Scioto Coupe

Inspired by iconic endurance racers the Scioto combines classic style with light weight construction, formula car type Pull-Rod suspension and a modern powertrain. The result is supercar performance and style at a fraction of the cost.

Length: 171”
Width: 71”
Height: 42”
Curb Weight: 1900 lbs.
Suspension: Double A-Arm Pull-Rod
Power: 400 HP / 320 TQ
Driveline: Mid-Engine Rear Drive
Seating: 2

Starting from $110,000

Series 300 Roadster

Our most economical sports and track car, the Series 300, packages a fully modern chassis and driveline in a classic roadster body. The S300, configured as either a front or mid-engine layout, shares much of its design with the Scioto and Cardinal. The S300 is a light weight, simple and fun sports and track car with exceptional performance and value.

Length: 152”
Width: 70”
Height: 44”
Wheel Base: 96”
Curb Weight: 1650 lbs.*
Power: 200 to 400 Wheel Horse Power*
Driveline: Front Engine/Rear Drive or Mid-Engine Rear Drive*
Seating: 2

*Specifications determined by customer powertrain selection and installation.

Starting from $34,999